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    Why I Started Taking Brain Enhancing Drugs

    I'd always been interested in loopholes, 'cheats' and ways to get ahead. I always thought it was smart ambition. Maybe I was just lazy! But as technology and information availability has soared in the Internet era, this whole area of success and achievement has spiralled into just part of the huge personal development industry and has its [...]
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    Why Ciltep Makes Me An Achievement Machine

    I'm trying to be unbiased here but the reason I like Ciltep is because it works. There's a reason why people have described it as The Drug Secret Of The Tech Millionaires and also why it is used successfully by a World Poker Champion, a discipline where being "on it" and alert is everything. In a way it is like being plugged in to an [...]
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    Why Many People are Starting to Buy Ciltep

    As more people are realizing the benefits of proper nutrition, many people are starting to turn to nutritional supplements to help them ensure they get and remain healthy. There are quite a few supplements available, but the ones that are really taking off are considered nootropics. These supplements are known for their ability to [...]
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    What is the Best Nootropic to Use?

    People have been touting the benefits of smart drugs for years, but the truth is many people hadn't heard about Nootropics until recently. Now, they're reading articles about how a person used a nootropic to help them land a multi-million dollar position with a company or pass their exams with ease and graduate early. Though the claims may be [...]
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    What is a Nootropic Stack?

    Nootropics are smart drugs that can enhance cognitive function, provide benefits for the user, and have a low to zero number of side effects or possible issues. Some of the benefits include an increase in long-term or short-term memory, an increased ability to focus, a decrease in fatigue, and a mood enhancer. Most of the time, these effects [...]
  • Brain-electricity

    What is a Nootropic or Smart Drug and What Can it Do?

    Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are compounds that can enhance cognitive function and which has low to no side effects. The most commonly heard of nootropic is caffeine, which many people use every day to help improve focus and decrease fatigue. These compounds or medications can offer a variety of benefits and typically can be combined [...]
  • alpha-brain

    What are the Benefits of Nootropic Medications?

    Herbs and natural medicines have long been used to help improve brain function. Known as cognitive enhancers, medications have been added to this list to help those who need to or want to improve their brain function and receive a variety of benefits. When they are proven to actually enhance cognitive function and are safe to use with limited [...]
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    What are Cognitive Enhancing Drugs?

    Nootropics is a term that came about in 1972 as research was being carried out on smart drugs and how they can help people function at a higher level. The first cognitive enhancing drug was a stimulant-based drug that was marketed as a treatment for narcolepsy by helping a person to stay mentally alert, focused and motivated so they did not [...]
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    Want To Enhance Your Memory And Increase Learning?

    Forgetfulness happens more than one may think. Stress, age and a variety of other things can prohibit an individual from remembering simple things. These same things can also limit or block one's ability to learn and retain new things. Memory games, tricks and crutches to remember important items can fix a problem for the short term. The [...]
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    The Drug Secret of the Tech Millionaires

    Many people have heard that some of the top people in technology take advantage of smart drugs to help them stay awake, increase cognitive function, and help them reach all of their goals. While these drugs may help them reach their goal, the truth is they are not just for those who are in multimillion-dollar positions and they won't make [...]


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"There are a lot of Nootropics out there. This is my favourite"

At, we know the best nootropics that can give you the edge and help you achieve in all areas of life.

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