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I’d always been interested in loopholes, ‘cheats’ and ways to get ahead. I always thought it was smart ambition. Maybe I was just lazy!

But as technology and information availability has soared in the Internet era, this whole area of success and achievement has spiralled into just part of the huge personal development industry and has its own “poster boy” sites such as and

As people have more and more to do – either through huge personal drive or demanding bosses – the need for new ways to “get the edge” has never been greater.

Some of the more mainstream ways of looking for that edge have been focused more on the usual “success” mainstays of optimizing productivity through the use of systems and tools. And you can see the appetite for this kind of thing that exists with the number of apps for To Do lists alone, where there are literally hundreds of variations on an already tight theme!

Apps, Rituals and Systems

And it doesn’t stop at To Do apps. There is a whole host of products and services and seminars based round each part of the success eco-system. For example it’s not only the area of To Do lists, there is the whole area of “rituals” that also exists.

I like rituals as a concept and discipline and I have also invested in several courses in this area – and yes it did have a positive impact on my results.

So much so that I even have my own course launching soon in this field. Founder member discounts are available here.

But still it wasn’t enough, as my motivation and energy were often lacking even if I did all the rights things and systematized myself to death with rituals and affirmations and lists and all that good stuff. David Allen would still probably have given me a hard time for just not Getting Things Done.

I blame Mark Joyner personally…..

Yes the marketing legend that is Mark Joiner, founder of Simpleology (and allegedly inventor of and author of the first ever ebook) happened to get me on a hangout webinar with himself and Dave Asprey of Bulletproof coffee fame.

At that time I had never heard of Dave Asprey but that Google Hangout quite literally changed my life. His input into my lifestyle started with changes to my morning routine and worked up to encompass many other areas of my life. My mind was opened to the possibilities and effects of alternative nutrition and the nascent discipline of Bio hacking and I wanted to learn all I could about it.

The fact that Dave had spent so much money (he claims $300k) “hacking his own biology” really intrigued me and I wants to lead more. This was especially as I really like the effects of bulletproof coffee right away.

Not only did it taste really nice – like a creamy latte – but I loved the coconut oil formulation too, especially the Brain octane oil as I could feel my mind literally working faster.

And so – inspired and quite literally spurred into action by the bulletproof coffee – I went on a quest to find out more about what else was out there that had performance enhancing qualities but was preferably natural.

And that led me – naturally – to Natural Stacks.

Abelard Lindsay was the man I heard on a podcast and he was the “brains” (sic) behind his own brain supplement called Ciltep.

Now Ciltep wasn’t just a supplement by itself, it was actually a Nootropic Stack which is the industry term for a combination of compounds, or nootropics in this case, that work synergistically together for even greater effect. The old concept of the “whole being greater than the sum of the parts” applied to chemistry.

So what were “Nootropics”?

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are substances that can enhance cognitive function and which have low to zero side effects. In fact caffeine is a nootropic, yet millions (maybe even billions) of people use it every day to help improve focus and decrease fatigue but would never consider it as a “drug”.

Ciltep was recommended to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, so I did that, followed of course by my daily Bulleprpoof coffee. Then I jumped in the shower.

Then – Oh My God – I felt like my brain was on overdrive, spitting out what felt like one Archimedes style revelation after another. I literally couldn’t wait to get out of the shower and get to work.

And then followed an amazingly productive day and lots of things crossed off my to do list. I was already in love with Ciltep. I fact I loved it so much I waned to buy the company but decided instead to just sell it from this very site and spread the love and knowledge.

So as my love of Ciltep and my knowledge of nootropics grew I started finding other things of interest related to stacks and synergies. The next nootropic on my list was a bit back to basics and was actually caffeine capsules but with added theanine, which aided focus as well as took the edge off the jitters sometimes caused by caffeine consumption. It was recommended as an addition to Ciltep and again was alleged to keep the effects of Ciltep going a bit longer throughout the day.

I have since found out that this caffeine / theanine combo is often recommended as a starter nootropic stack and I can see why. Quite simply because it is an everyday ‘drug’ like caffeine it is less scary and also because it does work well. It is a simple yet effective and not too far “out there” for the nootropic newbie.

And caffeine / theanine is a low cost starter as well which helps make it less of a financial risk.

It’s Not Just For Business…

It’s also important to add that the applications for supplements like Ciltep extent beyond business and into the realms of sport and gaming.

For example Martin Jacobson is a world champion poker player and he used Ciltep to give himsel the edge in a game where memory, focus and concentration are key to success.

Another user is AQ Shipley, the NFL player, who claims to feel more rested with Ciltep. So again it is not just a single benefit that people get from nootropics and it does depend on an individual too as to what works best and what gives best effects.

So what came next in my Nootropical exploration?

Well as always with these things, you become more aware of the information around you on a subject as your interest grows. I found a lot of j formation on who have a whole “subreddit” devoted to nootropics, and I became aware of more business people using them.

The what type that was flagged up to me was that I found out that a well known marketing guru was using a supplement called Cannibal Genius, just one of a range of the Cannibal- branded line of products. As well as some well-known vitamins and natural herbal ingredients, the main nootropic in this formulation is Noopept which has had some decent reviews in terms of effectiveness.

As I searched online for a stockist that was preferably UK-based , there were none I could easily find and in fact the only one that had a .uk email address was actually based in Poland!

So I ordered anyway and a few days later my package arrived. On opening the jar packed with blue pills I initially thought they looked more like some kind of viagra (which was not really my need at this point in my life) but tried them anyway.

My experience of Cannibal Genius has been OK but not as powerful or as sustained as other nootropics IN MY EXPERIENCE AND WITH MY BIOLOGY.

Now that last phrase is key; because as with anything that is ingested or taken, each individual experience can be very different.

I mean the same is true about even everyday ‘drugs’ such as alcohol and we all know the friends who can behave really differently after a few drinks where some of them get sad, some get happy, some get aggressive and so on.

So Cannibal Genius is not my perfect nootropic but it did have a stimulating effect (which is what ultimately my main need is). But it was not as good for me as Ciltep. So, what next?

The Limitless Life

The next stop on my journey was when I found out more about Modafinil. This was one of the major types I found discussed on the forums and in many countries it needs a prescription to get it. Now I am not recommending you go and take it without medical advice and research, as I am not a doctor, just a reporter.

As with literally anything new that you put in your body it is important to run it past a doctor.

But with that said, it has worked really well for me and I am not the only fan. Here’s what it says at Dave Asprey’s site over at :

“When I first started taking modafinil, I felt more like myself than I had in years. I took it just about every day in varying doses for 8 years (with a physician’s prescription). It gave me energy and changed my life. I would not be the biohacker I am today without modafinil.

“There’s a slight risk (about 5 in a million people) of having a life-threatening immune reaction to modafinil. It’s the same reaction that happens with ibuprofen and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), so if you know you don’t react well to NSAIDs, talk to your doctor before taking modafinil.”

There is more information at Dave’s page here.

There are many unknowns with any nootropics but from what I have researched there is very little evidence of major side effects from modafinil use.

And Modafinil was also the drug that NZT from the film Limitless was allegedly based on, so I was certainly intrigued to try it.

So what is Modafinil and what does Modafinil do for me and others?

Well it is a wakefulness agent and short term cognitive enhancer. It was originally designed for people with narcolepsy, to help them stay awake longer.

It makes me more focussed and productive, and it does help me stay alert and capable of work later at night as i am feeling less tired. It is great for knocking out tasks or doing involved work such as coding or long content tasks that really need sustained concentration.

It can be a bit of a slow burn to get going though, as it sometimes will not fully take effect for about 2-3 hours.

In terms of tolerance it is early days for me to say. Some people say that it loses potency when done every day and that 3 days a week is optimum. Others, such as Dave Asprey above, used it daily for many years.

But, as with anything, it is not universally great among the bio-hacking community. About 25% of users seem to have negative experience with it, such as headaches, over stimulation or conversely brain fog of some kind. I have occasionally felt a headache come later in the day and can sometimes feel an effect almost like blood rushing faster through the side of my head but that is the limit of my negative experience.

And there have been some interesting rumours of high profile modafinil users online and in print, such as the story at: which is one of several articles to suggest that Modafinil is even used at the very top level of the White House!

Students Are Heavy Users

And from Washington we move to the dreamy spires of Oxford in the UK. An online survey in 2014 by the students website The Tab showed that almost 1 in 5 students (out of a sample of almost 2000 UK students), has taken Modafinil to enhance their studying. There was a particularly high incidence of use at Oxford University where 26% of students in the survey claimed to be Modafinil users.

Interestingly enough, of these student Modafinil users, 9% think it is “cheating” but they still continue to use it. Sounds a bit like drug use in athletics in that respect!

So in summary it’s been an amazingly interesting and eye opening journey through different experiences of a range of nootropics. Of the types I have tried, I will continue to use most of them – depending on my specific needs and situations – as I think it is good to mix up different supplements to stop any possibility of dependence or decrease in effectiveness through over use.

Do I agree it’s like cheating? Maybe in exams it is, but not in my own business. I’m trying to be my “best self” and anything that can help me get through more work, while also giving me some great insights and ideas, can only be a good thing.

People have been touting the benefits of smart drugs for years, but the truth is many people hadn’t heard about Nootropics until recently. Now, they’re reading articles about how a person used a nootropic to help them land a multi-million dollar position with a company or pass their exams with ease and graduate early. Though the claims may be true, it’s not just because a person used a nootropic. They needed to find one that would give them the benefits they needed when they needed them. This is why there is no one best nootropic to use, but rather a variety that can be chosen from and combined to get the desired results.

Starting Small

Most people already consume caffeine on a regular basis. This is a well-known nootropic that helps reduce fatigue. It can be combined with other supplements or taken on its own for the desired effect. A person who is just starting to learn about these supplements may want to start small and just add in one other nootropic, like L-Theanine, to learn how it works. L-Theanine, when combined with caffeine, can help reduce fatigue and boost focus. Starting out with just one or two supplements lets the person see how they work and what benefits they offer.

Adding on More

Stacks are made when a nootropic is combined with another one or with multiple other ones. The previous example of caffeine with L-Theanine is one example of a stack. Most of them can be stacked together to boost the effects the person sees. It is important to learn about stacking before attempting it since different combinations will have different effects. Most experts recommend stacking two supplements that are very different to see multiple benefits instead of trying to stack ones that are similar to get an enhanced effect.

Finding the Right One

The right one is going to be different for every person since every person is going to have a different desired outcome. A student who is studying for a test, for example, may want something that reduces fatigue and boosts short-term memory. A corporate worker, however, may want something that increased focus and reduces anxiety. It’s a good idea to start small and add on other supplements until the person finds the right combination for their needs. This lets them find a combination that’s going to produce the exact benefits they want to see instead of sticking with a supplement that was created for another person.

It’s important to learn about nootropic supplements and give a few different ones a try to see which one is going to produce the desired results. Since each person is going to want a different outcome, it’s difficult to say which one is going to be the best one for them. Take the time to learn about the various supplements and what they can do, then try out a few of the more popular combinations. Starting small and adding on more can help the person work towards finding the right stack to produce the benefits they’re looking for.

Nootropics are smart drugs that can enhance cognitive function, provide benefits for the user, and have a low to zero number of side effects or possible issues. Some of the benefits include an increase in long-term or short-term memory, an increased ability to focus, a decrease in fatigue, and a mood enhancer. Most of the time, these effects are short-term, though the compounds can often be used on a routine basis. They will not make a person smarter though they can be combined to enhance the benefits the person receives.

What is a Nootropic Stack?

A stack is a combination of nootropic compounds designed to obtain the maximum benefits a person wants. There’s no way to create a stack that’s going to offer all benefits and work for everyone. Instead, the person should figure out exactly what they want and create a stack that’s unique for them.

How is a Stack Created?

A stack is created by combining two or more nootropic compounds. The person creating it should take into account the benefits they want to receive and determine which compounds are likely to give them those benefits. For example, a student may want to study the night before a big exam. They may combine caffeine, which reduces fatigue and improves focus, and combine it with creatine which also reduces fatigue and enhances short-term memory. They’ll be more alert for the studying they need to finish and they’ll have an increase in the ability to remember what they’re studying for the next day.

Which Compounds Can be Used Together?

Any nootropic can be combined with another, but the person will want to be careful with what they’re combining to ensure they get the maximum benefits. Combining two that are similar isn’t going to make as much of a difference as combining two that have different benefits. When two with different benefits are combined, they’ll be able to receive the benefits from both and enhance any overlap. A person should start with just two or three different ones before progressing to a larger stack so they learn how to stack to receive the maximum benefits.

Should Just One Stack be Made?

The person isn’t limited to just creating one stack for their needs. In fact, the same student who needed a stack to help them study may prefer a different one to use at other times. This way, they can tailor the benefits to what they need at the time and not be limited by the benefits the stack they’ve created offers. Only one should be used at a time, but it is possible to create many different combinations and that can be used to the person’s advantage.

The person should take the time to learn about each compound that’s being considered before combining them. This way, they can combine the right ones to obtain their own goals. The stack they create is going to be unique for them and may not have the same effects on a different person. Once they find the right combination for their needs, they can take that stack or continue trying out different combinations to find one that provides even more benefits.

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are compounds that can enhance cognitive function and which has low to no side effects. The most commonly heard of nootropic is caffeine, which many people use every day to help improve focus and decrease fatigue. These compounds or medications can offer a variety of benefits and typically can be combined to enhance the number of benefits the person experiences. Before a person starts to take them specifically to gain benefits, they may want to learn more about them.

Benefits Obtained from a Nootropic

The benefits a person will receive will depend on the nootropic they decide to try and the other compounds they use to enhance it. Creatine is one well-known nootropic many people use to boost muscle growth in the gym, but it’s also been proven to help with short-term memory and the reduction of fatigue. Bacopa Monnieri has been shown to help reduce anxiety and increase short-term and long-term memory. Other benefits can include increased reasoning capability, improved focus, and an improved mood, depending on the nootropic that is used.

Amplifying the Benefits Obtained

Combinations can be used to increase the benefits that are seen or to obtain additional benefits. Caffeine can be combined with Bacopa Monnieri, for example, if a person wants to reduce fatigue and anxiety when preparing for a test. Since it also affects short-term memory, this can be a powerful combination that can help them study to prepare for the test and recall the information they’ve learned when they take the test.

Expectations and Reality

The person shouldn’t expect to become smarter overnight or to become a genius that can solve all the world’s problems. They should expect a more subtle reaction to the compounds they decide to take. An increase in energy and reduction in fatigue may not make it so they’re ready to run a marathon, but can give them the ability to stay up for another hour or two so they can get their project done for work the next day.

Safe to Consume for Nearly Anyone

To be considered a nootropic, the medication or compound needs to have very few or no side-effects. It should also be safe for anyone to consume. As with any medication, however, there may be exceptions. If the person is concerned about a reaction, they should speak with a doctor before use. They will also want to be careful when first taking a nootropic to ensure they don’t go over the recommended dosage. The dosage can be adjusted to find one that’s more effective once they know how the compound will affect them.

This information should provide an insight into what a nootropic is and how it can be used to help a person reach their goals. Taking the time to learn about specific compounds can help a person figure out the correct dosage and combinations needed for them to be able to get the benefits they want. Remember, they are not an alternative for sleeping, eating right, and exercising daily, but they can affect the benefits of these actions. They will not make a person incredibly smart, but can help unleash that person’s potential.

Herbs and natural medicines have long been used to help improve brain function. Known as cognitive enhancers, medications have been added to this list to help those who need to or want to improve their brain function and receive a variety of benefits. When they are proven to actually enhance cognitive function and are safe to use with limited side effects, these compounds are known as Nootropics. Some of the benefits they can provide include the following.

Decrease Fatigue

Decreasing fatigue is important for college students who need extra time to study, business professionals who need extra time to get a report done, or a mother who wants a little extra time to relax and enjoy free time once their child is in bed. Caffeine is the most well-known compound with the benefit of decreasing fatigue and it’s easily found in coffee and caffeinated sodas. When combined with other compounds that also decrease fatigue, most people can gain additional benefits as well.

Enhance Short-Term Memory

Short-term memory can be effected in quite a few ways. Whether the person is struggling to study for a test or having trouble remembering where they put their keys, they can take advantage of compounds that can help them improve their short-term memory. Piracetam taken with choline to enhance it can make it easier to create the short-term memories while creatine has been shown to help improve short-term memory as well.

Enhance Long-Term Memory

Long-term memory may be a concern for those who are growing older or those who simply feel like they struggle to remember things from their past. Bacopa Monnieri is one compound that’s natural and proven to help improve both short and long-term memories. It must be taken in a high enough dosage, but like the compounds that affect short-term memory, it can help with the long-term memory creation and retention.

Improve Focus and Reduce Anxiety

With a fast-paced lifestyle, it can be difficult to focus on things that are truly important. Some compounds, like caffeine, can help improve focus and provide other benefits. Combined with Bacopa Monnieri, the person can receive an increased focus and a reduction of anxiety, helping them reach their goals. A person who is trying to study for a test, for example, can benefit from taking both of these by being able to stay awake longer without fatigue, improving their ability to focus on the material they need to learn, and feeling more comfortable about the test they are facing.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained by taking these types of smart drugs. The side effects and potential downfalls are limited, unlike most prescription medications, so they are safe to use. They can also be combined to enhance and combine the potential benefits. Trying just one or two in a small dose is able to help the person who is interested see what benefits can be gained and how they can help. Take the time to learn about the different nootropic medications or compounds and the combinations that can help make them more effective to get the specific results you’re looking for.

Nootropics is a term that came about in 1972 as research was being carried out on smart drugs and how they can help people function at a higher level. The first cognitive enhancing drug was a stimulant-based drug that was marketed as a treatment for narcolepsy by helping a person to stay mentally alert, focused and motivated so they did not feel the common symptoms associated with their condition. Over the years, much research has been carried out, allowing health experts to better understand how these drugs can be used to help people in a variety of different ways.

How Do These Drugs Work?

These cognitive enhancing drugs help to improve the way neurotransmitters message the cells in the body. When this function is enhanced, people begin to notice positive effects in their cognitive function, such as:

  • Enhanced memory and learning ability
  • Improved mood
  • Increased motivation and drive
  • Increased energy
  • Improved concentration and focus

These drugs work to protect the brain against lowered oxygen levels which can dramatically decrease cognition. They also protect the brain against physical and chemical injuries.Through taking this drug, people can assist their brains in functioning at a higher level because the subcortical mechanisms of the brain are enhanced so they become more efficient.

What Types of Drugs are Available for Enhancing Cognitive Function?

There are actually many different types of these drugs though some are more common than others. The type a person will most benefit from will depend on how quickly they need the drug to produce positive effects and whether or not they want a drug that produces long-term effects or short bursts of improvement such as are seen in taking caffeine.

  • Piracetam is a racetam that was discovered in 1964. This drug is thought to create an action in the ion channels of the brain. This action leads to an increase in the synaptic transmission response so a person sees a burst of energy fairly quickly. Unfortunately, this drug is not legal in every country, though many other racetams are.
  • Aniracetam was first discovered in the 1970s and is considered much stronger than Piracetam. Many people have found taking this racetam helps to improve their anxiety conditions.
  • Oxiracetam was first discovered around the same period as Piracetam. This drug acts much faster than Piracetam and gives positive stimulant effects within hours of administration.
  • Pramiracetam is considered the strongest of the racetam drugs. This drug gives users experience greater clarity in their thoughts and memory function. Since it offers intense effects, many start off with weaker racetams to see how they help first.

There are also choline supplements, cerebral vasodilators and nerve growth stimulators that are used to improve cognitive function. When these medications are used as intended and directed, they can give a person a greater mental edge than they have ever experienced before. Not only can a person improve their cognitive function, they can also improve their long-term brain health. These drugs help people to learn more efficiently and have a greater memory recall which can improve their life in profound ways.

Forgetfulness happens more than one may think. Stress, age and a variety of other things can prohibit an individual from remembering simple things. These same things can also limit or block one’s ability to learn and retain new things.

Memory games, tricks and crutches to remember important items can fix a problem for the short term. The concern for memory loss is the long term. Nootropics has been around for many years in Chinese medicine. Only recently did they arrive on the American marketing to assist with memory and learning capabilities. They are capable of changing cognitive behavior without side effects.

Coffee is a stimulant but does not necessarily assist in memory or learning abilities. Caffeine increases the heart rate and can give an individual heart palpitations, but it is a cognitive enhancer though it only increases the cognitive thinking process for a short time.

Nootropics help to repair and protect the area in the brain that affects cognitive thinking.

They also help to increase blood flow into the brain. This leads to a higher level of oxygen to the cells. The cell membrane and the nerve growth rate both benefit from Nootropics. They do not serve as a stimulant like caffeine or an energy drink. They are not a substitute for a proper night’s sleep to let the body rest and rejuvenate. This type of enhancer works well on both young and old recipients.

Nootropics can be taken in a synthetic form or a natural form. Health food stores and supermarkets carry these. They can also be purchased on line in a powder in bulk quantity. This is usually a less expensive way to obtain the memory that has been lacking. It’s always important to follow the instructions carefully when taking any type of supplement in a diet. After a long day at work, the brain and body can feel incredibly tired and can feel mentally drained. These can give the individual the pick-up they need to be alert and functioning on a natural basis.

It’s important to clarify why the Nootropics are needed.

For example, if an individual works a 12-16 hour shift and they feel like they’re emotionally fading after the first eight hours, these can help. They are smart drugs that don’t require a doctor’s prescription in order to feel better and feel alert. Rest, proper diet and exercise can do so much to enhance an individual’s overall health, but sometimes those are not enough for a body to be operating at peak performance.

When trying a product out for the first time, it’s important to purchase a small quantity and decide what works best for the individual. There’s no sense in wasting money on a product when another brand may work better. Only the individual can determine how they feel and if an improvement is being felt.

If procrastination is hindering someone on a regular basis, a Nootropic can assist in lighting the fire under them to complete the task at hand. There’s help for those lack of energy moments without the crash that is felt from too much caffeine or energy drinks.

Many people have heard that some of the top people in technology take advantage of smart drugs to help them stay awake, increase cognitive function, and help them reach all of their goals. While these drugs may help them reach their goal, the truth is they are not just for those who are in multimillion-dollar positions and they won’t make someone a technological genius overnight. What they do is help the person with a variety of cognitive benefits that include helping the person focus better, reducing anxiety, and reducing fatigue.

How Do They Do It?

Many times, the tech millionaires spend thousands of dollars or more working with a doctor or researcher to develop the right combination to help them reach their goals. Whether they want to improve their memory, reduce their fatigue, or increase another area of their brain function, they take the time to figure out exactly what they need and how to achieve these goals.

Why Do They Do It?

Being at the top end of a company often means less sleep than the average person receives, the ability to recall information easily, the ability to create new memories easily so they can recall them later, and the ability to talk in front of people about new ideas without any anxiety. This is hard for the average person to imagine since they don’t have to do all of this every single day and still create new products or come up with theories to improve their company. Since they may be running on less sleep than the average person or worrying about whether their next idea will be accepted, many turn to cognitive enhancers to help them.

Does It Really Take Thousands of Dollars?

The reason they spend thousands of dollars is because they want to ensure the results and ensure they have the right combination to offer them all the benefits they’re looking for. Most people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a nootropic or a nootropic stack (a combination to receive a variety of benefits). Instead, they start by learning about the various compounds on their own. They may try making combinations or start by trying just one nootropic at a time to see how beneficial it can be. As time progresses, they’ll be able to create a stack that works best for them and gives them the desired outcome they want. It’s more time-consuming than spending thousands of dollars, but it’s much less expensive.

Trying Nootropics doesn’t need to be expensive and a person doesn’t need to be a genius to benefit from them. Likewise, taking a nootropic isn’t going to turn them into a genius. However, it can help them increase focus, reduce fatigue, enhance memories and more. Anyone who is interested in trying a nootropic to see what kinds of benefits they can achieve should look into the different ones that are easily available and give one a try. This way, they can see how much they really can help and start looking into what they can do to get the results they want.

Nootropics are nutrients that help a person improve their brain function. For the maximum effects, the person will want to use a few nootropics together. This is called a stack and it’s something the person can create on their own or buy premade. Many people prefer to purchase premade stacks so they don’t have to take the time to figure out which combination is going to be right to get the results they’re looking for. Stacks like Ciltep offer a variety of benefits and are already tested to ensure results.

Who Uses Nootropic Stacks?

The Benefits of Ciltep can be used in just about any situation. Students prefer stacks like this one to help them study and do better at school. CEOs choose a stack like this to help them stay successful and ensure they stay on top of everything, remember names easily, and ensure they can think on their feet no matter what lies ahead. Artists like stacks like this one because it helps clear their brain and boost the ability to think creatively. In fact, just about anyone can take advantages of the benefits offered and use them to be more successful in whatever their focus is on.

What Benefits Can a Person See?

Anyone who takes a stack like Ciltep can see quite a few improvements throughout their own day. This stack was created to help boost motivation, enhance mental endurance, boost concentration, improve long-term memory, increase the ability to retain information, improve mood, and improve the person’s social ability. These benefits can do quite a bit to enhance a person’s overall day and ability to achieve success as they can think clearer, retain and remember information better, and concentrate on whatever they need to accomplish.

How Does it Work?

A stack like Ciltep is created by studying the different nootropics and how they can be combined to create the perfect benefits for the user. In this case, ingredients like artichoke extract, forskolin, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, B-6, and L-Phenylalanine are combined in precise measurements to achieve the desired effects. The effects can last for between eight and 14 hours, and each bottle contains 60 capsules so the person won’t have to worry about running out of this supplements. Additionally, these supplements are safe to take and the stack is safe to combine with additional nootropics if the person wants to further the effects. For instance, a person can combine this stack with caffeine for an additional boost in alertness and focus.

Although there is no magic pill that’s going to make a person smarter, nootropic stacks like Ciltep come close. This stack offers a variety of benefits that anyone will be able to use to their advantage. Whether the person is CEO of a major corporation, just starting their first job, going to school or working on a major art exhibit, the person can have the focus and attention to detail they really need. Anyone can Buy Ciltep and give it a try to see how it’s going to help them get through each day and how beneficial it can be.

Mental health has become one of the biggest concerns worldwide. More and more people are being diagnosed with mental health issues, including diseases that are related to decreased brain functions.

Over the past decade, there has been a drastic increase in the awareness of mental health. Alongside this awareness, consumers are beginning to understand the importance of supplements. Doctors highly recommend that people add supplements to their daily regimen because despite how well a person’s diet is, the majority of people still lack key nutrients. Learn the reasons why brain supplementation is so important in order to understand the impact it can have on a person’s health.

With such a large number of supplements available on the market, it can be hard to determine which ones are made specifically to cater to brain development. Nootropics are supplements created specifically for the brain. In order to fit into this category of drug, or supplement, products must be able to demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

  • Consumers are at risk for only a few number of potential, mild side effects
  • Improves memory and learning abilities
  • Protects the brain from both chemical and physical injury

Through an endless number of studies, scientists have been able to create smart drugs. Through these supplements, individuals are able to decrease their chances of getting brain-related diseases. When high-quality supplements are being ingested, consumers have reported experiencing various benefits. Maximize the level of advantages experienced by taking supplements for the brain early on in life. If an elderly person was unaware of the benefits supplements provide, they are still able to get use these products to their advantage. The most frequently experienced benefits include:

  • Increased willpower – Many people suffer from having little to no willpower. Studies have shown that when a person takes brain supplements their willpower increases
  • Improves mind and body coordination – Decrease clumsiness through supplementation
  • Get a better night’s sleep – Wake up feeling energized and ready for the day by getting adequate rest
  • Increase productivity – Brain supplements helps individuals focus better, which helps them become more productive
  • Overcome late afternoon tiredness – Keeping your brain awake and alert prevents that late afternoon drowsy feeling
  • Reverses damage to the brain – If a person suffers from glutamate damage, supplements can reverse these affects
  • Fight off stress – Overcome physiological stress. By helping the brain function properly, it can decode everyday stresses better
  • Avoiding obesity – Studies have shown that when a person’s brain is healthy, they are less likely to become obese
  • Decreases age-related diminishes – As we age, the brain’s capability diminishes. Avoid this by properly fueling your brain with supplements

Give your brain the extra boost it needs to be healthy. Due to the role these supplements play, it is critical that consumers purchase high-quality products. Many suppliers create supplements that have minimal amounts of the vitamins needed to promote a healthy brain. Research the supplements you are taking in an effort to ensure you are getting the full effect of proper supplementation. People of all ages are able to take advantage of the benefits experienced.


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At, we know the best nootropics that can give you the edge and help you achieve in all areas of life.

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