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Nootropics, often referred to as smart drugs, affect the brain by helping to improve cognitive function. These drugs can improve memory, mental alertness, concentration, mood and thought. These types of drugs have been researched since the 1970s and continue to be used by people today. Though there are different brand names of these drugs, Adrafinil is the most common brand sold today. Since it is not regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, it is legal for people in the United States to purchase the drug from manufacturers and suppliers in other countries.

Many people have questions about these cognitive drugs:

  • What effects will be noticed when one takes these drugs? The effects a person will experience when taking one of these drugs depends on the drug and the chemical makeup of the user. Most people are able to experience positive results affecting their memory, focus, concentration, learning ability and mood. Some drugs can also help a person who has anxiety, sleep disorders and a lack of motivation. When these drugs are taken by an individual, they generally begin to notice the effects as soon as one hour.
  • How long does this type of drug take to work? The answer to this question depends on the type of drug being taken. There are five different types of drugs available and each one takes a different amount of time for a person to begin to notice effects. Stimulant-based drugs will generally give a positive effect within a matter of hours with many people noticing a change in the first hour. Nutrient-based supplements such as creatine and omega 3 will take longer at about 4-8 weeks. It is important for people to carefully research the different types and combinations of medications so they can make an informed decision on which type will offer them the greatest benefit.
  • Are these drugs safe? Many of these cognitive enhancing drugs are safe for most people. Those who are taking stimulant-based drugs could experience negative and even dangerous side-effects if they have any type of heart condition, high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. Stimulant-type drugs can place undue pressure on the heart. It is always advised a person speaks with their doctor before they begin taking any stimulant medication.
  • Are these drugs addictive? Cognitive function enhancing drugs are generally not addictive unless they are stimulant-based. Stimulant drugs can be highly addictive so those with addictive personalities should be careful in their approach of taking the drug. Most people use these drugs on a cycle-based schedule so their body does not become addicted to the drug and demand greater amounts for the same effect.
  • Do the effects of these drugs wear off? These drugs will wear off if a person discontinues use. The knowledge gained will stay with the person even when the medication wears off. Some people split their daily dose into two doses so they experience a full level of cognitive benefit throughout their day.

Those who find it difficult to concentrate, remember or even become motivated to tackle work or school can benefit from taking these drugs. It is important careful research is carried out and one seeks help from their doctor to determine whether or not these drugs will be safe.

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