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Herbs and natural medicines have long been used to help improve brain function. Known as cognitive enhancers, medications have been added to this list to help those who need to or want to improve their brain function and receive a variety of benefits. When they are proven to actually enhance cognitive function and are safe to use with limited side effects, these compounds are known as Nootropics. Some of the benefits they can provide include the following.

Decrease Fatigue

Decreasing fatigue is important for college students who need extra time to study, business professionals who need extra time to get a report done, or a mother who wants a little extra time to relax and enjoy free time once their child is in bed. Caffeine is the most well-known compound with the benefit of decreasing fatigue and it's easily found in coffee and caffeinated sodas. When combined with other compounds that also decrease fatigue, most people can gain additional benefits as well.

Enhance Short-Term Memory

Short-term memory can be effected in quite a few ways. Whether the person is struggling to study for a test or having trouble remembering where they put their keys, they can take advantage of compounds that can help them improve their short-term memory. Piracetam taken with choline to enhance it can make it easier to create the short-term memories while creatine has been shown to help improve short-term memory as well.

Enhance Long-Term Memory

Long-term memory may be a concern for those who are growing older or those who simply feel like they struggle to remember things from their past. Bacopa Monnieri is one compound that's natural and proven to help improve both short and long-term memories. It must be taken in a high enough dosage, but like the compounds that affect short-term memory, it can help with the long-term memory creation and retention.

Improve Focus and Reduce Anxiety

With a fast-paced lifestyle, it can be difficult to focus on things that are truly important. Some compounds, like caffeine, can help improve focus and provide other benefits. Combined with Bacopa Monnieri, the person can receive an increased focus and a reduction of anxiety, helping them reach their goals. A person who is trying to study for a test, for example, can benefit from taking both of these by being able to stay awake longer without fatigue, improving their ability to focus on the material they need to learn, and feeling more comfortable about the test they are facing.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained by taking these types of smart drugs. The side effects and potential downfalls are limited, unlike most prescription medications, so they are safe to use. They can also be combined to enhance and combine the potential benefits. Trying just one or two in a small dose is able to help the person who is interested see what benefits can be gained and how they can help. Take the time to learn about the different nootropic medications or compounds and the combinations that can help make them more effective to get the specific results you're looking for.

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"There are a lot of Nootropics out there. This is my favourite"

At, we know the best nootropics that can give you the edge and help you achieve in all areas of life.

Free Nootropics Mini Course

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